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Banana Cacao

Fresh Spirulina | Banana | Raw Cacao | Almond Milk | Cocoa Butter | Coconut Oil

This smooth and creamy treat will shock your senses! Don’t let your eyes fool you, the color is where the nutrition comes from but the flavor is something else entirely. It is no secret that chocolate and banana go well together, and this silky smooth blend of nam wha bananas almond milk and raw cacao won’t leave you disappointed.

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Passion Fruit & Mango

Fresh Spirulina | Passion Fruit | Mango | Banana | Gac Fruit | Ginger | Spinach | Coconut Milk | Coconut Water | Coconut Oil

This mouth puckering treat delivers a refreshing experience that balances the sweet flavor sensations of mango, banana and coconut water with the pungent sour citrus of real passionfruit. Combined with lime juice, ginger, and gac fruit, this potent antioxidant delivers a punch.

Clean nutrition at its finest.

Whapow Greenergizers are made of nothing but 100% natural fresh fruit. With no added sugars, preservatives, or colouring, thats clean nutrition at its finest.

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100% Natural Ingredients

100% plant based. No added preservatives, sweeteners, or sugar.
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Rich Nutritional Profile

Complete amino-acid profile with vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Vegan & Lactose-Intolerant Friendly

Greenergizers have no dairy – Creamy frozen treat that is lactose-intolerant friendly.

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